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Mauled by Plot Bunnies

Okay so It's a good 6 days before Anime Iowa. I'm just finishing up some artwork for the Art Show, figuring out what I'm gonna be wearing and reading A:TLA fanfiction. My brain is full of information and pretty shinies and I go to bed each night content.

Then it happens.

The Dreams.

You know the ones.

Fanfiction dreams. Fanfiction dreams that become plot bunnies that just won't. Go. AWAY.

Usually when I have a fanfiction dream I squee at it for awhile and then forget about it or I mesh it into whatever other fanfiction I'm currently writing.

Nuh-uh. Not this time.

Usually when I dream I don't really remember most of it upon waking. There is one scene that stuck out which I do remember.

Zuko and Toph are walking through a bamboo forrest. The colors are so shiny and bright and reminded me strongly of the bamboo forrest from House of Flying Daggers. Apparently Toph is the reincarnated Earth Avatar. She's still blind, still badass and learning the elements at a steady pace. Apparently it's still early on in her training.
Zuko is about Canon!Iroh's age and is traveling with Toph. Mai is ruling the Fire Nation and everyone but the White Lotus think he's dead.
Toph is complaining about reincarnation and why she was reborn as the Avatar and now Twinkletoes is stuck in her head talking at her 24/7 and do you know how ANNOYING that is?!. Zuko humors her and deadpans some comments and they snark back and forth for awhile.
Then Toph starts asking questions. She remembers most of her past life. She remembers her adventures saving the world. She remembers growing up. She remembers her friends growing up. Getting married. Having kids. She remembers that she was married. She remembers that she has kids. She asks after everyone. Zuko tells her in emotionless detail that everyone is dead. Sokka and Suki. Katara. Ty Lee. Iroh. Haru. Everyone. She asks after the kids. He tells her that most of them are dead as well. Katara and Aang's daughter Kaia went insane and plucked her eyes out and lives in seclusion.
Toph then asks after her own children. Her son serves in the White Lotus as an informant but usually stays close to the Badger-mole caves near Omashu with his wife. Toph asks after her daughter who is her baby and the one she doted on the most. Zuko hesitates. Toph demands he spit it out and becomes agitated. The wind begins to blow through the trees and Zuko closes his eyes and tells her that her youngest daughter was taken away, raped tortured and left to die with her unborn child trapped inside of her. Toph throws an Avatar State fit and sucks up all the earth around her into a giant ball and refuses to come out.

And that's when I woke up. Later that day I was checking my friend page and I saw that they were making a sequel to A:TLA and were calling it the Legend of Korra.

That very night I dreamed again. Same fanfiction dream same universe and I find out why Toph is the Avatar. Apparently Koh is on the rampage and stole Toph's face. And in a REALLY bizarre twist Korra trades her face for Toph. So now Koh has Korra's face and Toph is the Avatar. And don't even BOTHER asking where Aang's son is or Republic City or any of that.

So yeah. To sum up. Once I get back from AnimeIowa I am totally writing this fic. It'll be my very first Darkfic and I have high hopes for it. It shouldn't be too long and I'll probably add to it along the way. It already has a teeny-tiny song list most creepy stuff like Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams and The Noose. I get the feeling that it's gonna be a Toph/Iroh Toph/Zuko for the pairings but I don't really mind. Probably gonna be angsty. Extremely violent since I'm going to following around Kataang's crazy daughter as she slowly goes insane. Azula's going to show up. Mai is gonna be badass. There's going to be Shonen-ai. Bumi'll show up for sure, the crazy bastard.

But yeah. Fun times. Wish me luck. I'mma gonna need it.
Tags: anime iowa, avatar: the last airbender, fanfiction, fanfiction dreams, plot bunnies

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