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Mauled By Plot Bunnies Part 2

So to those of you who read This Post know what I've been working on for the past while... Or at least SHOULD have been working on... Hahahahahaha-


It should have been something short, sweet and to the point. Instead, with my dreams and Vathara, Suzukiblu and Avacadolove's fanfiction to fuel it turned into a MONSTER!!!

It grew as it was being written, characters were constantly popping up, I've got an Avatar OC named Hinata who was the Fire Nation Avatar two cycles before Roku and I don't even know WHY I'm writing about her... Alright I do. She's badass, I overpowered her on purpose, she has the facial scar of Lisa from Silent Hill and her statue cries blood when the world is in danger. What's not to love?

Anyway, I'll probably be putting up a Main Post for the fic, which has a name now. I call it 'Like Flaws In Jade' and I'll be quoting Vathara's Embers alot in the page breaks and chapter titles since most of my inspiration for writing the fic comes from that.

But that's not all...

It was a cute dream. An adventurous dream. It was in depth and I woke up grinning like a fool... (and then attempting to beat my head against the wall in an attempt to exorcise the Plot Bunnies... It didn't work...

You could say this was my brain trying to make a stereotypical Werewolves vs. Vampires AU... But I really can't say it... It's too weird even for that genre...

It was another ATLA fanfic dream and I'll probably end up writing a fic for it too. Only this time in Meme Form because I found the Bingo Table. Yay.

Instead of Benders there are people called Shifters. They could shift their forms and control a basic element according to where they lived. You could also be a partial shifter where only certain parts of your body transformed or be born with certain abilities.

The Southern Water Tribe were wolves. Although they hadn't had a full shifter born in years (not since Hama was taken) they still had some small abilities left to them. Don't piss off Hakoda. I still haven't built what his abilities are yet but I know for a fact that he is one scary person to make made. Bato could partially change so he could have a wolf's head, grow claws ect. ect.

Katara was born a full shifter. She could be human in appearance and did some of the time. But for a lot of the time she would become this seven foot tall walking Werewolf. She could freeze her fur and shoot it out in the form of spikes and her tears caused magical things to happen. Still building on that.

Sokka can't transform. Sokka is human. Except for the ability to heal with his saliva which is weird, he doesn't like having that ability and it will make for some fun times with Suki and Zuko. I can't wait.

Toph is something my brain called a Mole-Goblin. Full Mole-Goblins aren't common and instead of being partially blind when she transforms she's blind all the time. She doesn't really like transforming, at least she doesn't around her parents because it's not 'Lady Like'. When she's rumbling she resembles her counterpart from The Ember Island Players. She's cool.
And Ba Sing Se is underground. Above ground is a wasteland with a cute little sign in the middle saying 'Welcome to Ba Sing Se: Watch Your Head'.

The Foggy Swamp Tribe is made up of Mermaids. Yeah. You heard me. MERMAIDS. Only these are more the Celtic version of mermaids where the girls are kinda hot and the guys are all scary looking. And they have water abilities and stuff. Like spitting a giant gyser of water at opponents.

Still trying to figure out the Northern Tribe, but I think they'll be a mixture of Polar Bears and Orcas.

The Fire Nation I've slowly been building and they are cool. Dragons, Serpents and Hydras. I'm still building it but I think a portion of the population will be some form of Basilisk (I'm looking at you Mai.) Li and Lo are a two-headed viper whose full name is LiLo when they are human and share only one body. They spit acid.

Iroh is a Dragon. Zuko grows scales when he's mad. Azula has a tendency to lisp when she's pissed off and grow fangs. Ty Li is some kind of weird mythical serpent I still need to do research on. But things are coming together.

The Air Nomads turn into Bison, Lemurs what have you. Birds. Flying things. I'm still world building for them.

The Avatar pretty much represents the planet (Inspired by Suzukiblu's Captain Avatar and the Avateers) and can turn into ANYTHING! Like vapor.

There's a scene that's going to happen where Zhao gets the Avatar and carries him around in a jar. Yeah. You heard me.

This fic is turning out to be a lot of fun to write and since I've been working on it in bite sized chunks I should be coming out with something soon. It doesn't have a title but right now I'm just calling it 'The Stereotype' because that's what it is. A stereotypical retelling of ATLA in a different way.

Wish me luck... I'm gonna need it.

Tags: avacadolove, avatar, fanfiction, livejournal still hates me, plot bunnies, suzukiblu, vathara

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