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FanFiction Writing Meme!

Got this from avocado_love 

1) Which is your favorite fic?

Right now my favorite fic that I've READ is Vathara's Embers and it shows in my current writing style. My favorite fic that I've WRITTEN is the one I'm currently struggling with, Through The Looking Glass, which is a multi-Crossover of doom in the Kingdom Hearts universe. I've had a lot of fun doing research for it and the challenge of writing it has really inspired me on a lot of levels. It's also the first fic I've written that has a Beta for it and my Beta is not only amazing, but also challenges me to write better by questioning everything I write. I feel that this will probably be my best fic once it's done. But considering how big it is that will probably be years from now.

2) Which is your best received fic?

The longest fic that I've written (which is also currently on hiatus) is another multi-Crossover in the Sailor Moon universe entitled The_Book_of_Days. It currently has 52 chapters and 163 reviews.

As far as popularity and positive reviews go I would have to say my Gundam Wing fic Finding_Heero which was put on hiatus after 13 chapters and has 30 very encouraging reviews. Another of my more popular fics was a Strawberry Eggs Time_In_A_Bottle  which was completed with 13 chapters and 17 positive reviews. I put both fics at about the same level of popularity.

3) Which is your worst received fic?

There have been a few spur of the moment one-shots that haven't been received all that well. A few of them were written for classes and posted soon after. There was one fic I was even Trolled for! 

But I'll say that my WORST fic is one I did for a class where we had to write a piece for a movie called The Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her: A Man For Rose. It has no reviews and no hits. *shrugs* I can't really blame it, it IS a pretty crappy piece.

4) Which is your angstiest fic?

The anstiest fic I've ever written was a Sailor Moon fic called Forgotten which I wrote as a monologue from Sailor Saturn's point of view. It was so angsty that I've had people tell me they couldn't finish it because it resonated with their angst and made them cry. What can I say to that?

5) Which is your funniest fic?

It's a toss up between a Gundam Wing fic I wrote for a class called Safehouse Riot and a Kingdom Hearts crackfic I wrote at an Anime Convention with fogdragon23 called Birthday. One has Duo Maxwell vs. an unconventional OC and the other has a drunk Axel convinced by Jack Sparrow that he has a birthday.

6) Smuttiest

I'm trying to break out of my shell with descriptive smut but I would have to say that The Book of Days was pretty smutty what with Sailor Pluto have sex with invisible gods out in the open and Saiyin mating rituals. but Through The Looking Glass, being my more recent fic, has it's moments with characters like Rikku running around rampant. I'll wait a year and redo this meme again and them we'll see.

7) Fluffiest

That would have to be either my Spirited Away cross-over one-shot Claimed or my Final Fantasy VII drabble-fic Forgiveness of Sins. On the one hand Lin's master returning to dissolve her contract and reclaim her is pretty sweet. But for all around fluffy goodness I would have to say Forgiveness with Cloud and Marlene stargazing and cuddling together on the roof of 7th Heaven.

8) Have You Ever Made Someone Cry With a Fic?

Forgotten and I have gotten some messages about Finding Heero, especially the first few chapters of it. Also one of my Kingdom Hearts one-shots like Live, Mobius and The Lightning Dancer have had their moments.

9) Which Fic Frustrates You The Most

Finding Heero definitely. I've written myself into a corner with no less than 3 optional endings it could take. The Book of Days was discovered to have ginormous plot holes and my research was incomplete. It really needs to be scrapped and rewritten from the ground up. Time In A Bottle has a sequal in progress if I could only write it...  And the one I'm currently writing is HUGE and just writing all down is exhausting. But I'm proud of what I've accomplished and the challenges of it are what keep me going.

10) Which fic was the most fun to write?

All of them were pretty fun to write. Right now Through The Looking Glass is my favorite but a few of my Avatar ones, like The Last Shapeshifter and Like Flaws In Jade. Claim was pretty fun to write and I'm contemplating on writing more for that universe and my Comedy fic Parody was pretty fun. My Full Metal Alchemist fic Eurydice Don't Follow Me was written so fast I almost didn't realize I had written it.

11) Who Is Your Favorite OC You Have Ever Created.

The Book of Days was packed to the brim with OC's (one of many reasons why it needs revision) but I guess my favorite was a ShadowShifter I created for that fic named Blarni. He was adventurous and was attracted to all the wrong people. But right now my favorite is my Through The Looking Glass. His name is Loki and he is the god of Discord. I'm still exploring his character, but what I see for him really makes me happy. I guess I like him because he's so flexible and has the ability to do anything so long as he doesn't give himself away and obeys the laws placed upon him by Cosmos and Chaos. Just him trying to find a middle ground that doesn't get him into trouble is hillarious and the sheer number of people he has attempted to sleep with makes me sqee. Attempt being the word. I'm probably gonna end up using him as a RP character somewhere I just know it.

12) Are You Better at One-Shot or Multipart

One-shot. Definitly. The plot bunnies pop into my head and I write them out as quick as I can. Almost all of my fics are one-shots. Multi-parts are hard for me because of the sheer number of plot bunnies that can breed at any given moment.

13) What Character Do You Think You Are Best At Portraying?

I've been told I do a pretty good Roxas, the my Demyx is spot-on and I'm not too bad a Briareos. I've also been told I do a mean Vexen. I'm not sure though in my opinion. I just write whatever I hear that particular character saying in my head. *shrug*

14) Which Character is the most difficult for you to portray?

Gregory House... *facepalm*

15) Tag fice other people

Everfire, Fogdragon23, Nemo, Askerian and Xenobia.

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