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... Hello...?

Okay so I think I've got my computer working. I think. For the longest time it would just shut down with no warning.

I think I found out why.

My computer; my sweet little Windows XP was built in a friends apartment from spare parts. I'm a bit of a N00b when it comes to technology but when explained to me this is what I got.

The powersource needs to be near the fan otherwise it'll overheat and fry itself. I'm not sure but I think what happened is that the powersource was placed at the opposite end of the computer from the fan. That and the fan is small and cute and doesn't do diddly.

I could be wrong though.

So I was told to open the case and just use it as is. So here I am. Computer case open for all the world to see the inner workings and whatnot. But at least it's not overheating. Yet. We'll see if this works.

More posts and fanfiction and whatnot to follow if all works out...

Wish me luck.
Tags: computer woes, realife, whatnot

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